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  • More advertising space to describe the benefits of your program/product/service
  • No subscription to the newsletters required: no extra mail flooding your inbox
  • No other advert sent together with yours: reader's eyes focused on your solo ad
  • No risk of spam complaints: your ad is published by opt-in electronic magazines
  • Improved deliverability: your ad is tested in order to remove any spam filter trigger
  • Cost-effective: bulk advertising is cheaper than placing orders to each ezine
  • 10% discount on all orders: for Lifetime Members only (membership details)
  • Fast service: your advert is sent to the ezine publishers within max. 12 hours
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  • BONUS: Social Media Coverage (Twitter, Google+, Ezines Forum, AdsHome Mall);
    Offered only if you don't promote an affiliate offer or a squeeze page.

AdsMarket Ezine Advertising Network presents ...

AdsMarket Typhoon Solo Ad Co-op

Total Readership Base: 16,067 subscribers

The solo ads are published by the following ezines:

  1. Ad Co-ops News Ezine
  2. Business Opp News
  3. Ezine Advertising Info
  4. Internet Marketing Tips & News
  5. Jokes Journal
  6. The Internet Marketing Bulletin
Guidelines for your stand-alone advertisements: plain text (no HTML), up to 50 lines, maximum 60 characters per line.

Price for one solo ad published one time by each ezine: US$ 35.26 15% off => US$ 29.97

Payment: by PayPal (PayPal accepts credit/debit card payments even if you don't have a Paypal account)

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Additional Information

• The ezines that publish the solo ads are described in detail in the Directory of Ezines

• Within maximum 12 hours after your payment, we will send you a global order confirmation & a copy of your solo ad, or a warning-notification containing the problems noticed in your solo ad (spam filter triggers, blacklisted domain names, etc). Check your correspondence and correct the solo ad in case you receive the warning-notification. The notification will contain also suggestions on how to solve the issues. The advert is distributed to the publishers only after we get a proper ad.

• The publishers will contact you within max. 48 hours after receipt of a proper & complete order. Each ezine publisher will send you only 2 email messages:

  1. the first message contains the exact date when your ad is scheduled to be published
  2. the second email message contains a courtesy copy of the published solo ad.

Publishing Dates: Some of the publishers will publish your ezine solo ad within a few days, other publishers will publish it later. It depends on the number of solo ads orders each ezine publisher already received before you placed your order. In any case, your ad will not be published later than 4 (four) weeks after the placement of your complete & proper order.

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All I can say is thank you. I cannot express to you how rare it is to find your level of personal commitment and attention to your customer's ads success and satisfaction anywhere on the web.

Most publishers and advertisers are content to just take your money and hope for the best.

Testimonial - Rick Davies You clearly go a few steps beyond and then some. I will be back for more!

Rick Davies, Founder of

I really love your value added service of spam checking!

Testimonial - Sylvie Fortin This is absolute proof to me that you care about the results your advertisers see :)

Sylvie Fortin, Author of

You've gone way beyond the call of duty with my campaign. You truly care about your customers and your support outshines anyone else I have ever delt with in the advertising arena.

Testimonial - Jason Mangrum I'm blown away by the level of your personal service and attention to detail. You've got a customer for life.

Jason Mangrum,

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