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Internet Marketing Tips & News Ezine

(also known as the Worst Newsletter in the World)

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Editor in Chief: Adrian Jock

Re: Why do we call it the worst newsletter in the world?

Look around you! Almost each internet marketing newsletter is number one or at least the best one Yeah, suure! Aren't you sick of so many gurus & experts?

Do you like this type of so called newsletter? ...

"My friend Mike the Internet Marketing Guru has just launched this amazing ebook that you can't live without. Buy it clicking on my affiliate link and you'll get also this terrific & very limited bonus..."

We don't like it. That is not a newsletter!

The usual Table of Contents for IM Tips & News:

1. Today's Sponsor Presents...
2. Editor's Corner - IM Tip of the Week
3. One of Our Partners Recommends ...
4. Internet Marketing NEWS
5. Internet Marketing FREEBIE of the Week
6. Editor's Pick: Good Stuff

If you subscribe to Internet Marketing Tips & News Ezine, you won't receive sales pitches like in the example from the left side. We are not that type of internet marketers. We're just like your friends who discover interesting stuff and then share that info with you, without asking you anything in exchange... And don't get it wrong: we won't bother you by blasting tons of garbage each and every second... This is a weekly ezine and it contains carefully selected tips, news, resources & articles.

One more thing: there is no incentive to subscribe to this ezine Shocked? This is not just another good to throw away newsletter, so honestly we really don't need to bribe you.

The deal is simple...

Don't you want a selection of the best IM tips & news,
ready for your reading?

Great, you're in the right place... We make the research work so that you won't waste your time anymore.

We're not going to write a novel here in order to convince you to subscribe. Read the newsletter and convince yourself. Then hate it and unsubscribe or like it and keep reading it Am I not right? It's as simple as 1-2-3

Testimonial - jl scott Gotta hand it to you for always putting together a good, informative newsletter.

j.l. scott (Pineville, Louisiana), ph.d.
Director of Chamber of Commerce - on the Web™

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