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Ezine advertising is an affordable, efficient and flexible option for small and medium sized home businesses looking to get their marketing message directly to their target audience and generate more business by increasing their website traffic.

AM-EAN provides a professional ezine advertising service that allows you to send email adverts to tens of thousands of opt-in email newsletter subscribers, without the risks of being blocked by spam filters or blocking your own system with the large bandwidth required for mass distribution.

AM-EAN is not an automated ezine ad submission service. A real editor reviews all ezine ads that are submitted and corrects them in case advertisers make mistakes such as typos, grammatical errors, links that don't work, etc.


OPTION #1 - Ezine Solo Ads (the best ezine ads)

Ezine solo ads (or stand alone ads, or solo advertisements) are email advertisements published by ezine publishers in opt-in email newsletters (ezines) alone, without other articles, resources, news or advertisements.

The subject line of the solo ad includes advertiser's headline but also ezine's name (or its acronym) that makes subscribers aware that it's not a spam message but something they subscribed to.

Our solo ads are different from the safelist solo ads. One of the conditions to be complied with by an ezine publisher who wants to join our solo ad team is not to publish more than one solo ad per day. As a consequence, our readers are not bombarded daily with lots of solo ads and our customers' advertisements have more chances to succeed.

Standard Solo Ads
(subscription to the ezines is not required)


• Your solo ad published by 6 ezines
(16,067 subscribers)

• Price: US$35.26 Sale, 15% off: US$29.97

• Bonus: 10% off coupon code for the ebook "Ultimate Guide to Solo Ads"

Discount Solo Ads
(subscription to the ezines is required)


• Your solo ad published by 4 ezines
(1,900 subscribers)

• Price: US$23.49 Sale, 15% off: US$19.97

Cor HartenbergThe Typhoon Solo Ads program works like a charm, not in the least due to AdsMarket staff's professional approach. Fast service produces fast results!

Cor Hartenberg, former publisher of BestNews Marketing Gazette

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Ultimate Guide to Solo Ads


OPTION #2 - Top Sponsor Ads

Top sponsor ads are short advertisements placed at the top of the ezines. Sponsor's offer (your offer) is one of the first pieces of information the readers see.


• Your top sponsor ad published by 5 ezines (6,200 ezine subscribers)

• Your subscription to the ezines is not required.

• Price: US$14.37

• Bonus: Any order includes the placement of your top sponsor ad on "AdsHome Mall" blog

OPTION #3 - Ezine Classified Ads

Ezine classified ads are short & cheap ezine ads located almost anywhere (but not at the top) within the online or email newsletters.


• Your classified ad published by 5 ezines (6,200 ezine subscribers)

• Your subscription to the ezines is not required.

• Price: US$8.47

• Bonus: Any order includes the placement of your classified ad on "AdsHome Mall" blog

Advertising Tip: Marketing researches show that off the web an ad has to be seen about 20 times before someone acts on it. On the Internet it's about 7-9 times. If your advertising budget allows, try and have your ezine ads repeated at least two or three times.

Solo Ads eBooks Series

How to Avoid Spam Filters Ultimate Guide to Solo Ads 150 Money Making Niche Headlines Solo Ads: How to Choose the Best Newsletter

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Solo Ads Tips Newsletter

• Solo Ads Tips is a free newsletter that helps email marketers improve the results of their solo ad advertising campaigns.

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Ezine Advertising - Special Offer

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