Directory of Ezines

AdsMarket Directory of Ezines

Directory of Ezines

The Directory of Ezines comprises the newsletters (listed in alphabetical order) participating in the following AdsMarket ezine advertising co-ops:

1. Typhoon Solo Ad Co-op (standard solo ads)

2. Solo Ad Co-op (discount solo ads)

3. Top Sponsor Ad Co-op (top sponsor ads)

The Difference Between Ezines & Commercial Emails

An ezine (newsletter) has a consistent publication schedule and is designed to share information and knowledge in an editorial format.

A commercial email is a great deal more intrusive. Its purpose is to solicit a direct customer action of some kind. The intent is to drive a sale.

If a commercial email is the equivalent of a direct mail envelope in the bricks-and-mortar world, a newsletter is the equivalent of a magazine subscription. It may carry ads, but you still read it for the content.

Ad Co-ops News Ezine

Ad Co-ops NEWS Ezine PublisherPublisher: Adrian Jock Adrian on Facebook Follow Adrian on Twitter Adrian on LinkedIn
Subscribers: 646
Published since January 2003.
Frequency: weekly.
Topic: Ezine Advertising News.

Description: All you need to know about the major ezines ad co-ops can be found reading Ad Co-ops News Ezine. If you subscribe to this ezine you'll never waste your time again visiting a lot of websites and trying to identify the best advertising deal for your needs and budget.

Internet Marketing Tips & News Ezine Adrian Jock's Internet Marketing Tips - RSS Feed

Internet Marketing Tips & News Ezine PublisherPublisher: Adrian Jock Internet Marketing Tips and News on Facebook Internet Marketing Tips and News on Twitter Adrian on LinkedIn
Subscribers: 543
Published since September 2009.
Frequency: weekly.
Topic: Internet Marketing.

Description: Internet Marketing Tips & News is an ezine dedicated to all people who want to succeed in internet marketing. Latest tips, news, resources and articles on internet marketing.

Solo Ads Tips Newsletter Solo Ads Tips Blog RSS Feed

Solo Ads Tips Newsletter PublisherPublisher: Adrian Jock Ultimate Guide to Solo Ads on Facebook Follow Adrian on Twitter Adrian on LinkedIn
Subscribers: 711
Published since September 2001.
Frequency: weekly.
Topic: Solo Ad Advertising Tips.

Description: Motivational ezine to help you improve the results of your solo ad advertising campaigns. Solo ad advertising tips (including copywriting & email deliverability tips) & reviews.

The Internet Marketing Bulletin

Internet Marketing Bulletin PublisherPublisher: Dave Zapata
Social media accounts: Dave on Facebook Follow Dave on Twitter Dave on LinkedIn
Subscribers: 9,870
Published since August 2003.
Frequency: weekly.
Topic: Marketing | Business.

Description: The Internet Marketing Bulletin helps introduce and promote online and offline business, international trade through listing business opportunities, news, free ads, free ebooks, other resources.

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