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Ezine Publishers' Benefits
• There is no charge to join AdsMarket Ezine Advertising Network

• Any order you receive is a paid order

• The payment of your commission is done upon request, at any time, not once per month

• After you publish an ad and send us the courtesy copy you receive your Statement of Account, so you will know at any time how many ads you still have to run and how many credits you got until that date

• Our customers are your potential customers

• Your ezine will be featured in AdsMarket Directory of Ezines

• Upon request updates of your ezine data

• Daily support if needed

One of our happy publishers says ...
Lois Ewing Thanks so very much for your great programs and all the hard work you do for us, publishers. Thanks.

Lois Ewing, publisher of Money Shop Express


Main points from each ad co-op's Terms of Service ...

A publisher may join free of charge any of the following paid ezine ad co-ops provided that her/his ezine or newsletter has at least 500 subscribers. Ad sheets or safelists are not accepted.

Payments will be done only using PayPal, provided that the publisher accumulated min. $5 in her/his ADSMARKET account.

AdsMarket Solo Ad Co-op - excerpt from the Terms Of Service
  • Your newsletter's publishing schedule must comply with the following condition: your subscribers receive maximum one solo ad per day.

  • For each new subscriber you receive you must publish within maximum 4 weeks one solo ad (max. 50 lines).

  • Your ADSMARKET account will be credited according to the below rules for each solo ad published, provided that you sent to the advertiser (carbon copy to us) the following:

    a) the confirmation of the date when the ad will be published. This notification has to be sent within maximum 48 hours after receipt of the order from us.
    b) the courtesy copy of the published solo ad.

  • Your commission depends on the number of subscribers your ezine had according to your last update sent before receipt of a particular solo ad order. Usually, your commission will be counted as follows: for each 20 subscribers you will receive 1 cent (that is $0.5 for each 1,000 subs). However, notwithstanding the above, the commission paid for a solo ad will be limited to maximum $7 (seven), and will not be less than $2.50

AdsMarket Top Sponsor Ad Co-op
excerpt from the
Terms Of Service
  • The ezine publisher must publish a 6-line top sponsor ad within four weeks of receiving an order from AdsMarket Top Sponsor Ad Co-op.

  • For each top sponsor ad published, your AdsMarket account will be credited with $1.75 provided that you sent to the advertiser (carbon copy to us) the following:

    a) the confirmation of the date when the ad will be published.
    b) the courtesy copy of the issue where the ad has been published.

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Ezine Publishers Page
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