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Solo ads advertising space available in Ad Co-ops News Ezine

What an Advertiser Needs to Know
About "Ad Co-ops News Ezine"

1. Deliverability

Before being published, any solo ad or regular issue of Ad Co-ops News Ezine is spam filters tested and modified accordingly in order to improve the deliverability of the email messages. Any advert is modified after the receipt of the customer's agreement.

Bounce rate (how many email messages are undeliverable due to various reasons): close to zero.

2. Important Information

Ezine's Frequency (when the regular issues are published): Sundays.

The solo ads are published on any day of the week, very rarely on Saturdays and never on Sundays. Our subscribers receive maximum one solo ad per day.

Unsubscribe rate (how many people unsubscribe when the newsletter is sent out): 0.3%

3. Subscribers' Demographics

Ad Co-ops News Ezine is distributed to subscribers in over 25 countries. 75% of those subscribers are from U.S.A., with significant readership in Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Below you can find a breakdown of our readership by country.

no. of subscribers


Last update:
March 23, 2019

Country Subscribers
United States492
United Kingdom36
New Zealand4
Bahamas, Barbados, Indonesia, South Africa3
Finland, Greece, Ireland, Mexico, Norway2
Austria, Denmark, Dominican Republic, France,
Germany, Israel, Malta, Peru, Puerto Rico,
Spain, Switzerland

4. Advertising Packages

Guidelines for the ads: maximum 40 lines for a solo ad. The lines for contact information (email address, URL) are included. Any line may have maximum 60 characters including spaces. Plain text (no HTML), no personalization.

Payment: by PayPal (PayPal accepts credit/debit card payments even if you don't have a Paypal account)

Solo Ads

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Solo Ads in Ad Co-ops News Ezine
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