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PRIORITY ADS are classified ads that are published in multiple opt-in ezines (newsletters) without advertiser's obligation to subscribe to these publications. The Priority Ads are the best choice for any marketer looking for ezine classified advertising.

AdsMarket Ezine Ad Network (AM-EAN) presents ...

AdsMarket Priority Classified Ad Co-op

You are not required to subscribe to the ezines and therefore no extra mail will flood your inbox.

• Your classified ad will be published after the top sponsor ad position but before any free ads or coop-generated ads where the publishers do not receive monetary payments.

• You don't have to worry asking yourself from time to time whether a certain publisher published or not your advert. In comparison with other similar ezine ad co-ops, AdsMarket ezine publishers send you courtesy copies of the issues where your advertisement is published. In case the ezine is published online the publisher notifies you the URL of the webpage where you can see your ad.

• 10% discount on any order: for Lifetime Members only (membership details)

Bonus: Any order includes the placement of your classified ad on AdsHome Mall blog

Total Readership Base: 6,200 subscribers

The priority classified ads are published in the following ezines:

  1. Ad Co-ops News Ezine
  2. Business Opp News
  3. Solo Ads Tips Newsletter
  4. Internet Marketing Tips & News Ezine
  5. Jokes Journal

For more details about each ezine, check our Directory of Ezines

Publishing Dates:

Some ezine publishers will publish your ad within a few days, others will publish it later.

In any case, your ad will not be published later than four weeks after the placement of your order.

Guidelines for Priority Classified Ads: up to 6 lines including the link to the webpage you promote, maximum 60 characters per line including empty spaces.

Price for one classified ad published one time by each ezine: US$ 8.47

Payment: by PayPal (PayPal accepts credit/debit card payments even if you don't have a Paypal account)

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After Payment:

Each ezine publisher will contact you only 2 times:

1st email message: shall contain the date when your ad is scheduled to be published

2nd email message: after publishing your classified ad, you will receive a courtesy copy of the ezine where your ad has been published.

Multiple priority classified ads orders

If you would like your priority classified ad to be published more times by each ezine, place the order using the same link above and then update the quantity field that can be found at the top of the payment page. By default the quantity is 1. When you update the quantity, the price will be updated too.

Testimonial - Pastor Bobby Keating I must say that I have a great deal of respect for AdsMarket Ezine Advertising Network Team and its publications. They are up front about what to expect. They don't make outrageous promises that they can't or won't deliver.

Pastor Bobby Keating, Director of the Christian Success Institute
Testimonial - Bill Darton I am very impressed with the professional design of your site. There is feeling of confidence in dealing with a company that does not feel a need to 'flame' their site with obnoxious graphics.

Thanks for simply letting me know what I am getting for my money, what I can expect from you and sparing me from all the hype.

Bill Darton, The MLM Expediter

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