Terms of Service for Advertisers

Terms of Service For Advertisers

for orders where subscription to the ezines is required

By using any of the services offered by AdsMarket Ezine Advertising Network (hereinafter referred to as "ADS MARKET EAN") where the subscription to the ezines is required (i.e. AdsMarket Solo Ad Co-op), you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Your purchase indicates your agreement to subscribe to the ezines where your ad will be published.

    Some ezine publishers (hereinafter referred to as "Publishers") will require you to confirm the subscription to their ezine. It is your responsibility to do so. If there is no subscription confirmation, your ad will not be published.

    The Publishers reserve the right not to run your ad if you decide to unsubscribe from their ezines before your ad is published, or if your subscription email address bounces for any reason.

  2. Your subscription email address must not function as an autoresponder. On the contrary, the Publishers reserve the right not to publish your ad and unsubscribe you from their ezines.

  3. Your ad must not promote: sexually oriented materials or services, gambling, get rich quick, pyramid or ponzi schemes.

  4. ADS MARKET EAN cannot and does not guarantee that YOUR ad promoting the program/product/service YOU have chosen will be financially or otherwise successful for you. Our job is to publish your ad, and once your ad is published there is NO money back guarantee no matter the results you get. To ensure good results, make sure you have a good solid product or service and a good ad copy. No refunds will be issued if the results you were expecting are not achieved. These results depends on YOU, not on us.

Last Revision: 5th January 2017

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Terms of Service for Advertisers
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