Solo Ad Co-op - Terms of Service for Publishers

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Terms of Service for Ezine Publishers

  1. There is no fee for an ezine publisher to join AdsMarket Solo Ad Co-op.

  2. Your newsletter's publishing schedule must comply with the following condition: your subscribers receive maximum one solo ad per day. Experience has shown that the more solo ads per day you send, the poorer the advertiser's result is.

  3. Within 48 hours or less you must confirm to the advertiser the receipt of her/his 50-line solo ad.

  4. You must publish 1 (one) subscriber's solo ad within 4 weeks of receiving a subscriber notice from AdsMarket Solo Ad Co-op. The subject line of our notice is

    PAID ORDER - AdsMarket Solo Ad Co-op has a NEW SUBSCRIBER For You

    Side Note: If possible, we kindly ask you to place inside the stand-alone email message a separate sub-heading "AdsMarket Solo Ad".

  5. Your AdsMarket account will be credited according to the below rules for each solo ad published, provided that you have sent to the advertiser (carbon copy to us) the following:

    a) the confirmation of the date when the ad will be published. This notification has to be sent within maximum 48 hours after receipt of the order from us.

    b) the courtesy copy of the solo ad which has been published. This courtesy copy has to be sent within maximum 48 hours after publishing the advertisement.

  6. Your commission depends on the number of subscribers your ezine had according to your last update sent before receipt of a particular solo ad order.

    Your commission will be determined as follows:

    • for the number of subscribers between 500 and 5,000: $2.50 / ad

    • for the number of subscribers between 5,001 and 10,000: for each 20 subscribers you will receive 1 cent (that is 0.5$ for each 1,000 subscribers).

    • for the number of subscribers between 10,001 and 15,000: $5.00 / ad

    • for the number of subscribers between 15,001 and 30,000: $7.00 / ad

    • for the number of subscribers over 30,000: on a case by case basis.

  7. Payments will be made ONLY using PayPal.

    Within maximum 24 hours after receipt by us of the copy of a solo ad that you published, you will receive your revised Statement of Account showing your new credit and the total commission you have earned.

    After you accumulated minimum $5 (five dollars) in your AdsMarket account, you may request the payment at any time. Such payment will be made within maximum 24 hours.

  8. You may leave AdsMarket Solo Ad Co-op at any time by sending us an email message requesting to be removed. However, you must publish all ads received from us before sending such a request.

Last Revision: 12 September 2010

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Solo Ad Co-op: Terms of Service for Publishers
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