Top Sponsor Ad Co-op - Terms of Service for Publishers

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Terms of Service for Ezine Publishers

  1. There is no fee for an ezine publisher to join the AdsMarket Top Sponsor Ad Co-op. For avoidance of any doubt, ad sheets and safelists are not considered ezines.

  2. You must publish a 6-line top sponsor ad within 4 weeks of receiving an order from AdsMarket Top Sponsor Ad Co-op.

    The subject line of any top sponsor ad order is:

    New ORDER from AdsMarket Top Sponsor Ad Co-op

    Any order contains at least the following pieces of information: advertiser's name, advertiser's email address, advertiser's top sponsor ad.

  3. Within 48 hours or less you must confirm to the advertiser the receipt of her/his top sponsor ad and let her/him know the exact date when the ad is scheduled for being published. Such confirmation has to be sent carbon copy (CC:) to us.

    Side Note: When you publish the advertiser's ad, we kindly ask you to place the advertisement under a separate heading "AdsMarket Top Sponsor Ad".

  4. For each top sponsor ad published, your AdsMarket account will be credited with $1.75, provided that you have sent to the advertiser (carbon copy to us) the following:

    a) the confirmation of the date when the ad will be published.

    b) the courtesy copy of the issue where the ad has been published.

    Comment No. 1: We did not settle a fixed term for sending the courtesy copy but the experience demonstrated that the courtesy copies are best sent on the same day the ezine is published or later on the next day. Experience demonstrated that if you won't do it like this, you may forget to do it.

    Comment No. 2: In case you don't actually send the ezine by email but you post it only online, you may replace the courtesy copy by a notification letting the advertisers know where the issue containing their ads can be found online.

  5. Payments will be made ONLY using PayPal.

    Within maximum 24 hours after receipt by us of the copy of the ezine where a top sponsor ad has been published, you will receive your revised Statement of Account showing your new credit and the total commission you have earned.

    After you accumulated minimum $5 (five dollars) in your AdsMarket account, you may request the payment at any time. The payment will be made within maximum 24 hours.

  6. You may leave AdsMarket Top Sponsor Ad Co-op at any time by sending us an email message requesting to be removed. However, you must publish all ads received from us before sending such a request.

Last Revision: 5th January 2017

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Top Sponsor Ad Co-op: Terms of Service for Publishers
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