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Question: What are the top sponsor ads?

Answer: Top sponsor ads are short advertisements placed at the top of the ezines. Sponsor's offer is one of the first pieces of information the readers see.

AdsMarket Ezine Ad Network presents ...

AdsMarket Top Sponsor Ad Co-op

Total Readership Base: 1,900 subscribers

The top sponsor ads are published by the following ezines:

  1. Ad Co-ops News
  2. Solo Ads Tips Newsletter
  3. Internet Marketing Tips & News Ezine

The Directory of Ezines contains details about each ezine (subscribers count, ezine's topic, etc).

Guidelines for Top Sponsor Ads:

Up to 6 lines, maximum 60 characters per line.

Publishing Dates:

Depending on each ezine publishing schedule, some publishers may publish your advertisement within one week, other publishers may publish it later.

Deadline for publishing your top sponsor ad: four weeks after placing a proper and complete order.

Price for one top sponsor ad published one time by each ezine: US$ 14.37

Multiple top sponsor ads orders: If you would like your top sponsor ad to be published more times by each ezine, then you need to update the quantity field that can be found at the top of the payment page. By default the quantity is 1. When you update the quantity, the price will be updated too.

Payment: by PayPal - PayPal accepts credit/debit card payments even if you don't have a Paypal account.

After Payment
Within maximum 12 hours after you complete your order, we will send you a global order confirmation, and then within the next 48 hours each ezine publisher will send you a confirmation email containing the date when your top sponsor ad is scheduled to be published.

You aren't required to subscribe to the ezines. After an ezine publisher publishes your top sponsor ad, he will send you a courtesy copy of the issue where your advert is published.

Bonus: Any order includes the placement of your top sponsor ad on AdsHome Mall blog

Temporarily not accepting new orders.

Testimonial - Dave Main I found your site very easy to use. Instructions are both clear and concise. I will definitely be recommending your resources and ad co-ops to others.

Dave Main (Mayflower, Arkansas)
Author of "Business Money Magnet" ebook

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